Promoting public access to election records.

Privacy of Voter Records

The Who Voted website provides data concerning which people are recorded as having voted (and by implication not having voted) in a given election. This information is public record and provided by the Elections Departments in states and counties around the United States.

In making the voter lists more easily accessible to the general public, a primary goal was to protect privacy by displaying only the minimum data relevant to public verification of election results. This verification task is to figure out who voted in which area during which elections: that is, each voter's name, county/state, and election details.

The only reason to have more data than this is to distinguish between people with the same name. We only use relatively anonymized data for this: zip codes, political party, and state voter registration number.

Data Not Collected:

We don't want to provide any information that could be exploited by marketers, political candidates, stalkers, or the like. Thus, street addresses, phone numbers, gender, and birth dates are not stored by the Who Voted website.

And of course, the website will not tell who you voted for. (Presumably nobody has a record of that.)

Privacy Policy

For a complete explanation about what information we collect and how it's used, please read our Privacy Policy.


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