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Voter History Research

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State Cost Limitations Other Notes
Alabama Has not responded to request for information
Alaska $178 State of AK Elections handles all boroughs. Voter history is 10 years. Orders are made on Fridays, available to the State next Monday, when they can be picked up in Juneau or mailed out.
Arizona Data may not be published on the Internet.
Arkansas Has not responded to request for information
California $30 California Elections Code (2194) specifies that voter registration data is confidential and not generally available to the public. There are provisions for release of the data to the political parties, to candidates and proponents of a ballot measure for a pending election and to others for qualified scholarly, journalistic or governmental purposes as determined by the Secretary of State. Please be advised that each county is actually responsible for maintaining its own voter registration data, and the Secretary of State cannot export data as detailed or in real-time as a county office can. Therefore, the counties are always your best source for the most current data.

See also: Santa Clara, San Francisco, San Francisco (again), other Statewide info
Colorado Each county in Colorado maintains its own voter registration and history records. Each county must be contacted individually for its information.
Connecticut Has not responded to request for information
Delaware $250
District of Columbia Has not responded to request for information
Florida $10
Georgia $500 In accordance with §21-2-601 of the Georgia Elections Code, any person who uses the list of electors provided for in §21-2-225 for commercial purposes shall be guilty of a misdemeanor Voter Histories are available free on the Internet, but the Voter Lists (which you need to associate a name to his or her history) are $500 each. State political parties or political bodies may receive a free copy of the statewide voter registration database once a month from the Secretary of State. Furthermore, the Secretary of State may waive costs for bona fide media organizations and their designated outlets.
Hawaii Voter history data are available only for governmental purposes
Idaho $20 Data type(s) must be requested specifically (for example: 'voter ID numbers' or 'voter names' as opposed to 'voter history'). Information can be purchased by credit card.
Illinois May only be requested by registered political committees who intend to use the data for bona fide political purposes..
Indiana Data not available. (No elaboration)
Iowa $1000
Kansas Has not responded to request for information
Kentucky $450 All requests for voter information must be reviewed and approved by the Kentucky Board of Elections.
Louisiana $5000 voter registration list request form is on website
Maine $2000 Voter record information is not public information under Title 21-A Section 196, and its use and redistribution is restricted under Section 96, Subsection 7, 'Information obtained from the central voter registration system pursuant to this section may not be used for any commercial purpose, including, but not limited to, the sales and marketing of products and services, or for solicitations of any kind not directly related to activities of a political party, so-called 'get out the vote' efforts or activities directly related to a campaign.' Voter records are filed by municipality, not by county.
Maryland $128 May only be requested by Registered voters in MD.
Must sign a statement that the lists will not be used for any purpose not related to the electoral process.
Massachusetts Has not responded to request for information
Michigan $23 Voter registration numbers cannot be included in voter records because Michigan registration numbers are the same as the voters' drivers license numbers. Records of voters' political party preferences are not mantained, nor are records kept of the jurisdictions in which a voter has previously voted. The jurisdiction in which the voter currently resides, however, is recorded.
Minnesota $46 May only be requested by Registered voters in MN.
Mississippi Has not responded to request for information
Missouri $127
Montana Voter history files are availabl from Montana Interactive (406-449-3468).
Nebraska Has not responded to request for information
Nevada Has not responded to request for information
New Hampshire Has not responded to request for information
New Jersey Voter records are available from the HAVA (Help America Vote Act) Division of Elections
New Mexico $4372 May only be requested by Must swear the data will not be made available for or used for commercial or unlawful purposes..
May be purchased for election and campaign purposes only
$4 / 1000 voters (includes history) for 1,092,789 voters
New York $0 "shall not be used for non-election purposes." I was also warned to make sure to read NY's election law. The state's database is new within the past year, so they don't have voter histories. However, I do have a voter list, which contains a field: "Last election voted in". Individual counties in NY might have more detailed histories.
North Carolina $0 Data can be downloaded from the State Board of Elections website:
North Dakota May only be requested by a candidate, political party, or political committee for elextion-related purposes.
Ohio Has not responded to request for information
Oklahoma $150 Data can be purchased only be check. Cashiers checks are preferable to personal checks although both are accepted.
Oregon $500 Under ORS 247.955 a person will not be considered to use the voter list for commercial purposes if the person obtains the list of electors for the purpose of resale to candidates or political committees for political purposes only. Make sure to request "voter history."
Pennsylvania $20 I affirm that any information obtained from the records requested from the Department of State will not be used for commercial or ther purposes, except purposes related to elections, political activities and law enforcement, as required by 25 Pa.C.S. §§ 1207(b) & 1404(c)(2). I further affirm that I will not publish any of the above lists on the Internet, as such publication is prohibited by 4 Pa. Code §§ 183.13 (g) & 183.14 (k). In §§ 183.13(g) and 183.14(k), neither a street list nor a public information list may be published on the Internet, because doing so would compromise the ability of a commission or the Department to provide these lists to those entities or individuals entitled to them within the criteria specified in 25 Pa.C.S. §§ 1403 and 1404. (
Rhode Island $50 $25 for the voter list + $25 for the voter history file = $50 total.
South Carolina $160
South Dakota State law prohibits the posting of voter information on the internet.
Tennessee $2500 "for political purposes only"
Texas $2100 $1,100 for the state voter list alone; Around $2,100 for voter list and history. Louria Harrigan, who handles PI requests, claims it really does cost the state that much money to produce the CD of data.
Utah Has not responded to request for information
Vermont Voter history data has not, to date, been recorded. This is scheduled to change this year so data may be available next year (2009).
Virginia $4000 May only be requested by Candidates, Political Action Committees.
Washington $30 Currently they only have a single date of "last voted" for each voter, but after the 2007 primary in August, they will be able to provide more complete voter histories. You will be able to order them on their websites.
West Virginia Has not responded to request for information
Wisconsin $12500
Wyoming Records are available only for political purposes.